Why you should go on a cruise?

A Cruise is like an all-inclusive vacation where you can visit several countries of Europe, America, Asia at once. Which route should you choose if you are planning to go for the first time, how much the trip costs, are you going to have seasickness — you will find all the answers in our article.

The myths

Hanging around on a ship all the time, peering into the sea or suffering from a seasickness in the cabin ... This is the most common myth about traveling on a cruise liner. Let's begin from the end. Modern ships are equipped with the so-called stabilizers, so poor weather and waves will not affect your well-being. Only those who deliberately ignore all the fun activities will get bored on board. Do you remember the films about cruise liners with pools, cinemas, casinos, restaurants? Such a fun and autonomous world! Add to it a compulsory entertainment program, which is included in the price. You will attend fashion shows, concerts, sports events, creativity contests, can go to the gym, play basketball or golf etc. Do not forget that there will be stops in large ports. Parking lasts one or two days and you will have time to explore the main attractions, shopping or lie in the sun on the beach.

Where to go?

If you are a beginner, it best better to start off with a week cruise. There are many routes of this duration in the Mediterranean Sea (spring, summer, early fall) with stops in Barcelona, Rome, Venice; in Northern Europe (summer) with visits to London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm; in the Caribbean (all year) visiting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, as well as in the Persian Gulf (winter) with stops in Dubai. Make sure to prepare necessary visas once you decided on the route

Breathtaking Cruise Liners

Some cruise liners make you wonder: how is it possible to build such a colossus, and even launch it? One striking example is the 18-deck vessel of Royal Caribbean International. It is 50 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower! If you compare two liners of Royal Caribbean International, such as Radiance (four vessels of this type) and Oasis (two), then the difference in size and options to have fun on board is very significant. Nevertheless, each airliner in any class is of “five star” service level, all will have swimming pools, several restaurants and bars, a fitness room and spa, a kindergarten, a theater and a dancing club.

What cabins to choose?

The higher the cabin class, the more spacious it is, and of course, the more expensive. The cheapest are without windows. Each of the cabins always have a shower and a toilet. You will have a refrigerator, a TV, a safe, a table, a wardrobe, a small sofa at your disposal. Suits are very different from small cabins. In fact, this is a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony.

How much to spend?

Your meals are included in the price of a cruise ticket. However, be warned: you have to pay in some restaurants and cafes on board. But even in free restaurants you have to pay a tip for the service. As a rule, tips are included in the total cost of the cruise or are calculated at the end of the trip and you will receive an invoice.


A cruise trip is full of exciting activities such as concerts, theater performances, shows on the ice rink, competitions for adults and children with gifts. Don’t worry about your children because there is a kindergarten on a liner, where animators and nannies will be busy with your child all day for free while you will be spending the time in pool. You can sunbathe on a sunbed, swim, do water aerobics, visit sauna and gym.