Things you should eat in Japan

Nowadays, Japan is considered as the paradise for the food lovers who offer overwhelming choices that one can try. If you wish to travel Japan, you may find such a huge variety that is beyond trying only sushi or ramen. You may find Japan cuisine to be very unique, starting from popular street food and finishing with any expensive restaurant. You will have to spend months to actually be able to taste all the unique variety of Japan dishes and there is a huge probability that you will not taste all of it as each region of this county has their own disinctive style and tons of recipees

The People of Japan are very much concerned about the food they eat.They love their food and that is why if you travel to Japan you can observe many well maintained restaurants and take away’s shop nearby and people huge crowds of people enjoying their meals there. Seafood is among the most beloved products that you may see among Japanese while being on a trip and looking for something to eat. The first thing that pops in your mind thinking about Japan cuisine would be the Sushi and, indeed, it is vital to experience fresh sushi when traveling to Japan. But other than that you may find other delicious dishes too that make you stay in the country for some more days. If your visit is short, it can be really difficult for you as there will be so much variety days to cover in few days. Following are few important dishes one needs to try:


Are you in Osaka? This region is known for Takoyaki. It is a fried octopus ball and is popular among Japanese. The octopus is wrapped in the dough batter and then it is cooked in a ball shape. The Takoyaki must be generously covered with sweet sauce and Bonito flakes, and you can also add their famous mayonnaise. You should visit Dotonbori in Osaka and taste Takoyaki.


This dish is a battered and the most eaten seafood in Japan. Tempura is served both as the main course and side dish or it can also be added as a topping on soba noodles. Before eating you can add salt in it or you can dip it in the sauce that makes it more delicious.


These grilled chicken skewers are made with the use of charcoal fire. This is a cheap Japan food that you may find it a price for around 100 to 200 yen per stick. This is everyones' favorite accompanied with a glass of beer at Izakaya, as well as the most eaten food at lots of summer festivals in Japan. The best way to enjoy this dish is to eat it directly from the bamboo skewers.


People visiting Japan wis to eat curry unlike Thai or Indian style one. Japanese also eat curry that is served with rice with thick sauce. The ingredients that they use are carrots, onions, potatoes, and also meat. They add a few slices of beef or fried pork. Some people eat this dish with pickles lotus, sliced eggplants and also cucumbers.


This cute fish-shaped cake is loved during street festivals and it is very easy to find this dish throrought the year. When it is cooked it must be crispy on the outer side and soft and fluffy from the inside. People in Japan make this cake with sweet red bean paste. Chocolate or custard can also make a good filling for this cake.

Japan is a country with unique traditions and cuisine and each of us can find something to enjoy as their meals or snacks.