Why visit Greece?

There are many reasons to visit that fantastic place. Everyone will find there the pastime options which will suit their interests. The fans of noisy and funny parties may visit Crete or Rodes Islands. Those who advocate a more relaxed or secluded vacation may choose smaller islet. Luckily, the transport links are good among all these islands.

Greece is well-known as a cradle of civilization or at least one of them. There was a film when the old Greek told American man: “When your fathers were climbing the trees, Homer has already been creating his stunning poems”. The symbol of this country is the Sirtaki national dance. The appearance of that dance is not so historic but quite interesting. In 1964 the Greece actor had to improvise the dance during the filming and after giving the interview he hastily came up with “Sirtaki” dance. Later that actor admitted that he had invented that dance but it was already recognized by society as a national dance that took root in this country.

Greece personifies history, every village and every city in Greece has it's disposal certain sights. Athens, Delphi, Mycenae, Crete, Thermopylae, Meteors, and Athens are the milestones of world history. Just a few countries can be proud of such an abundance of centers and ancient cultures. Greece is worth to be watched and studied. The sights of Greece can hardly be covered in a couple of days, perhaps this will take you a month.

It's impossible to make a holistic impression about Greece if you haven't visited the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Many people know about Knossos Palace is Crete even from school. That is exactly the place where the ominous Minotaur lived and nowadays you can see the traces of that creature wandering through ancient ruins. The historical region of Thessaly is one of the most interesting in the country.

Also Hellas- the birthplace of Zeus and other Olympic Gods who lived in Olympus world-famous mount which stands in Greece. You can see it from Athens- Thessaloníki highway. Regarding the beach vacation, it should be noticed that Greece has the longest coastline. That is due to the reason that this state has a few hundreds of islands and almost each of them has its beach. However the mainland, given the geographical position, also has countless beaches. Most beaches in Greece are clean and sandy with/or small pebbles. The water is clear and has its beautiful shade. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that here you can face a large number of sea urchins that are very close to the shore. So you should be careful and look under your feet.

Greek people love cooking and they do it splendidly. Their cuisine reach in fruits and vegetables, herbs and dairy products. The most used meat is lamb and poultry. You should necessarily try puff cake with cream which tastes very delicious. The major feature of their kitchen is fresh products which have been grown in the country. Also, Greek cheese deserves to be mentioned. There are more than 60 kinds of cheese which are being produced to be served as a snack or as a main dish, used to cook other meals.

There are many pros of visiting that place: its magnificent nature, a high level of service in hotels and a fairly large selection of goods in the local stores. Greece really has everything! The only contra that may spoil the trip is the language itself or rather the lack of the English language elsewhere. And the local one is not the best to understand. Especially you may notice it while staying in small resorts and places where absolutely everything is written in Greek. And in some places, you should be ready to use sign language. The biggest part of locals who lives somewhere in remote places speaks only traditional language. But for some people this fact can only add some zest to their rest.

Speaking about family rest- here all comes from your family priorities. If you just want to have excursions than your children are highly unlikely to stay satisfied. Wherever you have a rest, all excursions are accompanied by long journeys which are inappropriate for little children, as they are easily getting tired and it may spoil the excursion itself.