7 Best Charities for Traveling and Volunteering

Wouldn't that be awesome to travel the world and also do some volunteer work and make your contribution to helping poor or raising funds for charity? There are literally thousands of charities around the world that provide volunteer opportunities for passing travelers. While on a trip to some beach laying around and enjoying the beautiful sunset, You can also do a lot of good on your trip by doing some volunteer work. Today we will take a look at some Volunteer work opportunities that you can contribute to.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a fund-raiser platform where you can contribute by running around the world. It is an amazing way to raise some funds and it's a healthy activity. All you'll need to do is download their app and start the time log when you are running, hiking, or dancing and for every mile, you will help earn them and it all goes to charity. It is an awesome way to do some good while traveling and it keeps you motivated during your trip.


World Wide Opportunity On Organic Farms also referred to as 'WWOOF' is an organization that lets you work on the farm to raise money for the poor. You can get sponsored by this organization and do a lot of good while traveling the world without spending a penny. This is another great of giving back to the community along with traveling the most beautiful locations around the world.


If you are looking to do some volunteer work and travel the world for free or for a lot less money and won't mind working few hours in the world third countries then this platform is perfect for you. WorkAway offers you different charities that you can choose from and travel to different destinations. It is another go-to option that you should defiantly look into.

Ride for a Cause

Ride for a Cause is a non-profit organization that raises funds for charities around the world with the help of many international organizations. Currently, you can contribute to raising funds for the poor in Canada and India by joining their annual walk-a-thon. You can travel to different places for the event and enjoy the trips while doing something for humanity.

Plan My Gap Year

In simple words, PMGP is an award-winning volunteer & travel organization where you can experience the best of volunteer work and visit the most beautiful countries in Africa and South America. With over 1000 reviews, PMGY is one the most trusted organization and they are praised by different organizations around the world for their effort to help the people in need. PMGP is not absolutely free but it's quite affordable and they provide the best facilities so this is another great option for you if you are thinking about giving back to the community and visit the most beautiful places at the same time.

Peace Corps

Peace Corps is an international organization that mostly do their work in world third countries and help them establish in numerous things. Peace Corps is only available for US citizens which means that you can only Volunteer for their program only if you are a US citizen. Peace Corps can provide you with a life-changing experience and you can really help the world by joining this organization. You will travel to the number of places to help the poor and it could turn out to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

United Nations

We are all familiar with the work of the UN over the last couple of decades in many countries around the world. UN played a vital role in establishing different countries which suffered from horrible earthquakes and natural disasters. UN also played its role in maintaining world peace on many occasions. Joining the UN is not easy because you will have to go through different procedures but you can travel to most countries in Asia and Africa once you are associated with them.

Final Verdict

Traveling & Volunteering is an excellent combination that can provide you with a life-changing experience and a lot of fond memories that you will never forget and not only that, you will be making a difference in the world and this matters the most!