Top 7 most expensive restaurants in the world

Nowadays it has become fashionable to eat somewhere outdoors especially in restaurants. Many of the places which we are talking about below are famous for their interesting destinations, luxurious dishes, and their unique atmosphere. These places can offer you more than just having a meal- they will give you a unique experience of visiting such an incredible place.

“Masa” that is located in New York

This restaurant is located in New York Time Warner Center and it allows the visitors to enjoy both the atmosphere and the food. The Chef Masa Takayama advises his clients to dress up in a more comfortable way to spend 3 or more hours observing the “culinary event”. There is no scheduled menu in this restaurant, the arrange of fresh meals is being delivered right from the kitchen. The atmosphere of that place is really relaxing, however, the bill you may see maybe shocking - $350 for the average meal not including wine. Speaking about some drinks- they can be rather expensive, for example, you'll pay $400 for the glass of “Kikuhime” or $1500 for the bottle of 1995 Chateau Margaux Bordeaux.

“Misoguigava” that is situated in Kyoto(Japan)

This place serves Japanese-style traditional French meals for visitors. They say that working that way they are trying to achieve the harmony of French and Japanese cultures. That restaurant is situated in an old teahouse near Kyoto City. It's been serving meals since 1981. The season menu will cost you something like $162 if you want something more special you must order the menu at least for 5 days before you arrive and it'll cost you approximately $270.

"Le Pre Catalan" that is in Paris

That stylish place is situated in the center of Bois de Bologne Park. The dishes that are served there cost approximately $85 up to $260 and more. Among these expensive dishes are shrimp ravioli in oil-based broth and veal with mashed potato with a cinnamon smell. The visitors also told that that place is famous for its bread and wine as the main attributes of any good French Restaurant.

“Beige” that is in Tokyo

That restaurant is located at the very top of the Chanel Building and it is one of the well-known places in Japan. The chief Alain Ducasse who got the World's 50 Best Restaurants award offers different types of Japanese food made of season products. The special menu includes a mushroom menu with porcini mushrooms or matsutake for $259 and the lunch of three or four meals the price for which varies from $147 up to $190. And the shtick of that place is it's Chanel-button chocolate, not for free of course.

“Le Meurice”

That place can really be called a posh one, as it's decorated with crystal chandeliers, bronze, and marble and it opens the great view of Jardin des Tuileries. Here you can try three dishes for $524 plus different kinds of cheese and desserts. Special dishes include guinea fowl pie, lobster with potatoes, sweet calf meat, and a huge selection of fruits and chocolate.

“Ithaa Undersea Restaurant”, Maldives

This exotic restaurant was praised as “one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world”. It is located 5 meters below the Indian Sea level. The restaurant serves the European cuisine during a six-course lunch and the price starts from $320 per person not including drinks or tips. Also, the menu includes such dishes as reef fresh caviar or beef fillet from Aberdeen Angus cows. Children may visit lunch but they are not allowed to visit that place for dinner. This exotic restaurant is one more place that will give you new emotions and truly unique experience. But it won't be as cheap as you might have thought- the average menu will cost you approximately $500.

“SubliMotion” Ibiza, Spain

That is really an incredible place worth visiting, more than that is is open inly from 1 July to 30 September. That restaurant is famous for his light-shows and virtual reality technologies and it all is accompanied by the variety of dishes which are also extremely unusual. That is the case when it's better to see once than to hear about thousand times. However, the 6-meal course will cost you not less than $1500 so it's up to you!