It is difficult to surprise anyone with photos on the background of the Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian pyramids in the modern world. But there are excursions that can and should be visited only with specially trained people or agencies, as it involves a considerable risk to your health and even life. Which countries should you visit to get extreme sensations and tickle your nerves? Today we will tell you about amazing tours, about which you could tell your friends!

The North Pole

At the beginning of the 20th century, the leaders of several expeditions argued which of them were the first who visited the North Pole. At the moment, American Robert Peary is considered the discoverer of this point of the globe. Now anyone can visit the North Pole to admire the endless fields of ice, and also make a trip around the world in just a few seconds. You can get to the North Pole quickly and safely by plane, icebreaker, or even by specially prepared for such an expedition cars. The opportunity to reach the North Pole on an icebreaker costs $21000, by plane - $18000.

Pamplona Bull Run

This type of entertainment of the Navarre region has become known all over the world thanks to the work of Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Pamplona for a long time. Every summer Pamplona hosts the San Fermin festival. During the festival there are traditional races with bulls on the streets. The citizens and tourists who want to risk their lives, dress in special clothes and try to run next to the angry animals at least a few meters. Almost after each race (they take place every day during the nine days of the festival) daredevils crippled or even killed by bulls. However, this is a very small percentage of thousands of adrenaline buffs. The participation in the San Fermin festival is free. Those daredevils who want to run with the bulls need to pay only for the trip to Spain, as well as overnight in Pamplona.

Cocaine Laboratory, Colombia

La Ciudad Perdida, or The Lost City, is located deep in the jungle of Colombia near the border with Venezuela. Here there is a real working cocaine laboratory, which anyone can visit for the extra $20-50. It is a large greenhouse where the production process is carried out manually. The laboratory owner is a local farmer who will be happy to show you all the steps involved in making cocaine, and also tell you about the life of a local cocaine cartel . For several years he had to drop off the radar, as many world media wrote about the farm, but the excursions had been resumed since 2010. This business is too profitable. It is forbidden to take photos in the laboratory. Unfortunately, we do not know whether it is possible to buy ''souvenirs'' for friends on the spot. There is a risk of contracting malaria and yellow fever, as well as meeting with bandits and drug dealers.

Excursion Prison Tour, Bolivia

Bolivia is famous for the most unusual entertainment for tourists. The prisoners of the San Pedro colony will be happy to give you a tour directly to the existing blocks of the prison. You can even spend the night in a one-man cell for an extra charge. The convicts get a chance for early release, and all proceeds from such an unusual event go to the improvement of the colony. There is a market inside where you can buy a lot of different goods, most of the prisoners open a small business here to repair clothes and shoes, selling street food. There is no security inside the prison, only outside. You will be inside the functioning prison where prisoners are free to roam the grounds.

Rescue from a Desert Island, Belize

Almost everyone wanted to feel at least once like Robinson Crusoe and test their survival skills on a desert island. Many of us watched programs with Bear Grylls and imagined ourselves in his place. An English travel agency decided to offer people to spend 10 days on such an uninhabited island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Belize. Initially, you will be instructed by a local guide who will teach you how to desalinate sea water, catch and cook fish, light a fire without matches, build a shelter and use non-standard items that you may have as a result of a “crash”. Such a trip in a completely safe environment will help you test your skills and understand whether you could survive on a desert island or not. In an emergency, you will immediately be provided with all necessary assistance.