The most beautiful places of Norway

Norway is an extravaganza of spectacular views. Despite the fact that daylight here may be limited during cold winter months, Norwegian energetic vibrancy is what makes thousands of tourist choose namely this country as their destination year in year out. It is the best place to feel like a hero. Tromsø is well-known among those who want to see whales, Svalbard is the habitat of walruses and polar bears. All kinds of extreme winter sports can be experienced here from skiing and hiking to cycling. Explore this fascinating country!


These unique natural formations are the favorite tourist attraction. There are many fjords across the planet but Norwegian ones are the most beautiful. They may be found throughout the country but the most spectacular ones are on the West. These fjords don't vary much from the point of appearance. They are relatively narrow but extremely deep with the high peaks and steep rocks surrounding them. Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord are the most popular ones so make sure that you added them to the list of attractions you are going to visit during your trip to Norway. Incredible adventures and spectacular sights are guaranteed.


Here is also a plenty of national parks, which are pretty popular. Jotunheimen is one of them. It is also known as a Land or Home of Giants. This premier national park has a really large territory. It occupies the southern end of the country. Mountains – the main Norwegian tourist attraction – are fully represented here. Twenty nine highest peaks of Norway are located namely on its territory. Vettisfossen – 900 feet waterfall, which is considered to be the highest in Norway – can also be found in Jotunheimen. To make it easier for tourist to reach the peaks there has been arranged a well-marked trails system. There is also a number of tour companies and associations that can offer winter adventures for both professionals and amateurs.


Norway is also famous thanks to its islands. Some of them offer spectacular views and unique atmosphere. Svalbard is a name of the group of islands that have an interesting destination. They are located on the intersection of Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea, Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean. From 1920, these islands are under the Norwegian rule. Keep in mind that Svalbard is the northernmost inhabited spot on the globe so the fact that there still are some towns is striking. The overall population of Svalbard is only 3000 of people. Most of them live in Barentsburg and Longyearbyen. You can also visit them during your trip to Norway. The local nature is considered raw yet powerful. Therefore, there is always a plenty of visitors who want to see those shivering glaciers, craggy mountains and wide animals such as seals, walruses, polar foxes, bears and reindeers.


Lofoten is another group of islands, which are in the northern part of the country. Scenic fjords hide postcard looking villages. Their charming appearance makes a stunning contrast to local nature. Rugged coastline with rocks and high peaks make Lofoten archipelago one of the most scenic parts of the country. It is located on the same latitude with Greenland so its climate is relatively mild thanks to the hot Gulf Stream. It is situated above the Arctic Circle yet it is still a romantic subarctic destination worthy of being visited.

Nature of Norway is rich and powerful despite the fact that arctic climate is really severe. Local national parks, mountains, islands, lakes, fjords make thousands of tourists buy tickets to the cruise ships in order to experience all this year in year out. Are you ready to start your marvelous adventure? Let us know what places of interest you are going to visit first.