The best Spain resorts

Spain is a great place where you can spend a breathtaking holiday and feel the real fiesta! Spain is homeland for many great people, mostly, artist and poets. Local people are usually very friendly and hospitable. Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe and it has a very hot climate. There are many beautiful destinations where you can find your own adventure full of feelings and events. Flamenco and bullfighting were invented in Spain, so you can imagine their hot temper. Spain has many areas which can be totally different from each other, even with languages (as there are four official languages in Spain). So, while choosing a place to stay, you may get lost in it's glory as each place at Spain is attractive in its own way.

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca can become real paradise for children and adults. It combines excellent climate with a culture of respect to all people. Here, you will not see a person in a hurry, or yelling at someone or arguing. Cars drive slowly and you should not be afraid of crazy drivers. In the afternoon, from 13 to 17 hours – the fiesta time so you will not get into a shop or a restaurant because no one works at this time. The Spanish people wash the streets with shampoo, so the streets are always clean. People can walk with their pets among the trees in the parks, greeting with everyone, even with strangers. The first days here may seem a bit unusual, but you will gradually get used to this rhythm of life and I'm sure you will like it! British people consider, the Costa Blanca to be the perfect place to play golf and cricket. There are well-equipped fields and even specialized hotels for the fans of this kind of expensive sport. Many foreigners come here precisely because of golf, as they want to enjoy the exclusive service.


It is the second popular place where you can spend an excellent holiday. This province of Granada is located on a high plateau. Guadix is famous for its prehistoric cave quarter Barrio de Santiago, and today you can find there a gypsy community of about 10,000 people. All the dwellings, shops and even schools are cut down in the rocks and that is amazing.

Ubeda and Baesa

Mostly, tourists are trying to get to large centers and cities as they have numerous attractions and sights. However, we should not forget about small medieval villages. For example, in Castillia villages you can see ancient castles and monasteries and the nature will please your eye. Ubeda and Baesa are two provincial and very quiet towns. Some large families constructed the medieval palaces after Ubeda and Baesa were free from the Arabs in 1234. They had also built many astonishing Gothic churches although, the real construction boom came in 1492 with the arrival of major patrons. All the monuments, palaces and Renaissance churches amaze you at every step.


There are a lot of places in Spain where you can spend an exiting holiday and Mallorca is definitely one of them. You should visit Trevelez in the Sierra Nevada, Bilbao mountains, El Chorro Bay near Nevada at least for a while. Holidays in Spain are possible not only on the coast or in the central part of the country. A stay on the islands can become an unforgettable experience. An excursion to the monastery in Valldemossa, which age is more than 500 years, may turn out to be very exiting. Frederic Chopin and the French writer Georges Sand glorified these places in their works. Here you can find the museum of their life. After riding on an ancient wooden tram and seeing the beauty of mountains and forests, you can have a dinner in the restaurant Costa Nord.

Beautiful and temperamental Spain, carefully preserving ancient traditions, will offer its guests an amazing nightlife, entertainment and magnificent wine!