Tips on Travel Safety

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, your first priority should be the safety of you and your family. As they say 'The night is dark and full of terror' can also be applied in this situation, you can never know what you are getting yourself into so you should always take some precautions to help you plan a safe trip. Today we'll be sharing some tips that can really help you plan a safe trip.


When you are traveling internationally, There is an 80% the chance that someone will defiantly try to rip you off and steal your hard-earned money. Especially when you are visiting any country in Asia. To protect yourself from such scams, you need to do your research thoroughly about the current trends in scams and make yourself familiar with them so when someone tries them on, you can easily find a way out.

Always stay Sober

No matter what the occasion is, when you are traveling you must always avoid drinking and stay hydrated as much as possible because once you are drunk, no matter how smart you are, you will not be able to sense any danger coming your way so it's best to stay sober and enjoy your trip.

Hide Money

You will need to be prepared for anything and in the worst-case scenario, you can get robbed so it's better to plan ahead of it. You can hide some money in different places that you can use. for example, you can hide the money in socks and it can really help in a disastrous situation.

ATM' Scam

Nowadays criminals have grown smarter than ever and they can steal your everything in a blink of an eye. Most of the travelers don't like to have pockets full of money, instead, they use their ATMs from time to time to withdraw funds but this could also prove to be very dangerous. Make sure that the ATM you are using is legit. Do they have the cameras in the wrong spot and could it notice your PIN? Make sure to do some research on the 'Lebanese Loop'. Better safe than sorry!

Navigation Apps

Navigation Apps have really made it very easy to go anywhere with the touch of a finger. Now you really don't need to interact with strangers to ask for directions, Now you can simply use a couple of apps like Google Maps to help you around and it's a lot safer. You can use apps like Uber for transportation that are available in most of the countries to travel around without any fear of getting scammed by the taxi driver.

Don't flash your wealth

Showing some expensive items will only make you more atractive for scammers and pickpockets. You can carry with a little dummy wallet with little sum of money so in this case you won't be so stressed if you get mugged.

Don't Bring any Valuable Item

Avoid taking valuable items like a gold necklace and other expensive things like that. Such items can bring some unwanted attention which could be very bad for you so it's better to leave items like these at home. You can bring certain items like Cameras and laptops because they cannot be stolen easily but still you will need to be aware of your surroundings every time you leave your hotel.


In the end, Bad things can happen to anyone and sometimes we cannot do much to prevent them but we hope that you will find the tips helpful.