Is It Safe to Visit Peru

Peru is a country in Western South America. Its territory was home for many ancient tribes, so Peru has a very long history, tracing its heritage back to the 4 millennium BCE. That country is not like the others, here you may find frog juice and meet llamas and alpacas walking down the streets and the capital of Peru is being guarded by policemen with shields. It's not so easy to go to Peru as the tickets are expensive enough and here is the only airport- in Lima. However, despite this fact, many people go to this place to see Lake Titicaca, Cordilleras and Amazon Jungle. More than that many people are arriving in Peru for volunteering. In the 11-16 centuries, the territory of Peru was occupied by Inca prides. Then came the conquistadors and the empire existed, now many tourists come here to see the palaces of the colonial era, museums, temples, and ancient cultural monuments.

Peru is also famous for its cuisine, it has a huge diversity of national dishes. It's being called the gastronomic capital of Latin America. It is even in Guinness Book of records – it has 491 national dishes! Among these meals are fried guinea pigs and barbecue made of cow hearts so if you are a brave foodie you'll surely be pleased with such delicacies.


Before going to Peru you have to bear in mind that it can be unsafe. For example, you may meet an armed robber walking down the street. The Peruvians themselves always warn tourists that they should be more careful with their things and better watch them and carry near the body if you don't want to be robbed. Theft cases are not so rare but it's better to keep an eye on your staff. You should show more vigilance in Lima. It's safer to use only the legal taxi, do not show some expensive things, and do not walk in the regions that are not recommended to visit, these are the districts where poor families live and try not to walk alone. Regarding public transport, you should be extremely cautious and keep the money, the credit cards, and your documents very close to your body. It's not worth too visit such places as Comas, Callao, San Juan de Lurigancho, Ate Vitarte, La Victoria, San Martin de Porres even during the day. You may live safely and have fun in Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco, Pueblo Libre.

Don't take pictures of local people without their permission. They believe that by taking pictures of them you also take their souls away. Of course, some Peruvians allow to make their photos and some are asking for money for the photos. It's also recommended to take all the precious things into the waist wallet.

Useful advice:

Keep your luggage in eyesight to avoid theft. Do not carry your backpack behind you and do not carry the camera on one shoulder. Do not carry with the originals of documents it is better to leave them safe and carry the copies with. Do not change the money on the streets only at the banks. Avoid walking in the streets alone in the dark away from familiar places.

Despite all these facts, it's worth visiting Peru if you want to experience some extreme trip. Here you may also visit one of the most famous imperial residencies-Machu Picchu. It was recognized as world heritage. Plus you may also visit Paracas – the peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. Here you may get a boat and go to the national park of Ballestas Islands where lives the large colony of sea lions. Just keep in mind that here you may face the mountain sickness so it's better to get used for the heights