Hitchhiking is a modern way of traveling

Comfy holidays are not the only way to spend your long-awaited vacation. We carefully select hotels and book the tickets, we know what we will be eating and where we will be sleeping, but for some people, such a way seems to be boring and appear to be a silly loss of money. That is why hitchhiking becomes more and more popular as it undoubtedly has many advantages compared to traditional ways of traveling and rest. It is a great opportunity to see the beauty of the world if your budget doesn't quite stretch for booking luxurious resorts. What are the dangers of hitchhiking and what should we remember going into such a trip. Let's clear out what's that and what does it to do.


Choose the cities which you would like to visit and make some notes. You'll surely deviate from the route which you choose before but it shouldn't make you frustrated. A common hitchhiker gesture is a straight hand with thumb up. But you should keep in mind that in some countries like Greece, Thailand, and Afghanistan such gestures are inappropriate and they can not be used. A good alternative can be a carton card where you may write the place of destination. It's very uncomfortable to travel that way with a huge bag that's why you'd better buy yourself a travel backpack that will ease long walks. It should have extra straps for the waist, the good travel backpack helps you not to overweight your spine and has stripes for the rug as a rule. You can also buy a case for the rucksack to prevent it from soaking. Also, you should be equipped with a small body bag for the documents. In order not to increase the weight of the luggage, don't take many products with. It'll be the best solution to take with the products which are not rich in water-dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, nutrition bars.


If you are traveling abroad you have to know at least the elementary language of the country you'd like to visit, otherwise, you may easily get lost.


Otherwise, the long-planned travel may turn into a nightmare in some of the local police stations.


Preparing for such a serious trip make sure that you take only the things which you will need. Don't forget to take with you a set of underwear clothes, raincoats. Don't forget that even if you are not living in a hotel you mustn't look like a snowman and distract people with your appearance.


Don't forget about medicine. Think over what problems you may face during the traveling. The things that you should necessarily take with: hygiene products, patch, painkillers, bandage, drugs for indigestion and allergies.

According to experienced people who were traveling over Europe – that's quite a positive phenomenon. Hitchhikers are friendly and always brought up. You can also be invited for night-out but more often people are afraid to welcome foreigners to their homes. Despite this fact, you may also have a rest in some 24-hour institutions: hospitals, train stations, etc. But the safest and more convenient way is to find like-minded people on some forums and join their company. You can also make some money in big cities playing music in the streets. Street musicians are beloved in Europe and they always earn something. But you have to be a good musician. NB! You can not ride around the clock, it'll be a serious test for you to spend a few days on a road, so you should periodically have a passive rest. In case of injury or illness, you may use travel insurance which you have to get beforehand. Hitchhiking is not a category of serious risk for health so it won't affect the price of insurance. Have a wonderful trip!