First-time trip to norway - which cities to visit

Norway is a country of mystical legends. An extensive coastline, old cities, frozen tundra, spectacular waterfalls, fjords which are considered to be one of the most beautiful natural formations in the world… All this makes Norway really popular among tourists who want to feel the majestic atmosphere of this place on their own. You can visit Norway paying no attention to the season of the year as its breathtaking views fascinate both under the summer sun or the aurora shimmering with all the lights. You can start your trip from the cities like Oslo or Bergen but you can also start your great adventure a bit other way.


Do you want to feel the atmosphere of 18th-century streets? Have you ever stayed in the old wooden hotel on the coast? Have you ever experienced the maiden beauty of natural surroundings? Visit Tromso and you will be fully satisfied. This largest Norwegian city is situated on the island. Tromsoya island is like a natural museum alfresco. Severe birch forests and high mountings are the perfect variant for those who love to spend hours strolling around. If you want to get the chance to enjoy amazing views of fjords and surrounding peaks visit the local Cable Car. Fjellheisen Cable car makes it possible to reach the top of the Storsteinen mountain. There is also plenty of fine museums for those who want to get more info about local nature and traditions. We can recommend you to visit Polaria and well-known among tourists Polar museum. Polaria is a unique aquarium where you can explore a variety of underwater life of the Arctic. Tromso has also the reputation of the best Norwegian city to view the Northen Lights.


Let’s go deeper into the world of Norwegian medieval charm. We are talking about Trondheim. Now it is known as the third largest city of the country and it has a bit tense rhythm of life. But in the very end of 10th century, it was a small town that then evolved to the Norwegian capital during the Viking Age. During Middle Ages, it has also been the nation’s largest religious center. So if you are a passionate history-lover then Trondheim is definitely the best city to visit for you. Its main places of interest are Sverresborg (an old castle built in the 12th century and restored thanks to the governmental initiative nowadays) and Nidaros Cathedral (the northernmost cathedral built the Medieval).


West coast of Norway may be proud of Alesund, the gateway to the fjords. It is also a place where alpine mountains find its beginning. Unfortunately, the city has been completely destroyed in the beginning of 20th century because of fire. The modern city of Alesund is a result of large-scale reconstruction. Stones and bricks were the main materials used in the rebuilding process. Architects did their best in order to create one of the most outstanding examples of Northern European Art Nouveau. Even if you know nothing about this style you can visit the local Art Nouveau Center in order to fill in this gap. And if you are high architecture fan just let yourself to relax and fully enjoy the beauty of this beautiful city. Spend some time to hike up the viewpoint Fjellstua. Stunning views of Alesund itself and the surrounding islands are worthwhile.

Norway has a plenty of cities and towns that are worthy of being visited. Alesund, Tromso and Trondheim are only a few variants to start from. Discover nature, history and culture of this northern country and then go on to explore namely those sides of the country that really impressed you.