Cities are suffocating from tourists! What can we do in order to avoid being a problem?

All the most famous tourist's destinations suffer from over-tourism: Red Light district, Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, geisha district Gion, the canals of Venice. Even the Louvre, for example, was closed for a few days because the staff was not able to handle with the crowd. And Maya Bay in Thailand is now completely closed for tourists. Sometimes visitors act like vandals, littering, drinking, touching and even taking away things that were forbidden to touch. They can be really disrespectful to the locals and even cause some environmental problems. However, we cannot discourage people from traveling. That is why everyone should learn how to be a better tourist.

Why do I want to go there?

You should examine why you want to travel at this particular place. The best thing to do – is to understand if you really want to visit any destination and to understand why do you want to visit it. The main idea is that tourism is too popular now. Each person want to travel to some famous destination and, what is more important, to take a picture and a selfie to share in Instagram. Unfortunately, many people travel because of this very reason – they want to show that they are travelers. For example, if you will visit the famous Berlin Wall, you will see the real gallery of street art and murals dedicated to freedom and independence. However, more likely, you will not be able to enjoy the symbolism of these art works because of the young tourists striking poses, making photo shoots, and monopolizing swathes of space. All the others, locals and passers-by, had to maneuver in this crowd and it was quite unpleasant to see. And the researches say that you should ask yourself if you really want to visit this place or if you just want to show that you've been to this place? And another question, ask yourself what you want to do and see at this place, and do not see something just for the sake of seeing it. If you don't adore museums, you probably should not visit Louvre, if you are not interesting in the ancient history, you probably should not visit Machu Picchu and that's it.

Visit unusual places

It is rather understandable that if you visit Paris, you probably will want to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower. However, you should not forget about the other places in France, which are not so popular. You can try to use special apps in order to visit overcrowded places. For example, if you will visit Amsterdam, you can find an app hat will send notifications to your phone if some place in the city is more occupied than usual.

Be respectful

Many popular destinations, especially in Asian regions have faced another problem of tourism – they need to teach visitors how to behave. They are trying to handing out some special leaflets to their tourists, making banners and even audio messages with important notifications, but this does not always help. All the travelers must understand that they are guests and they should respect the local culture. You should always find as many information about the country you about to visit as you can. It will help to show your respect, and also to avoid some violations of local rules and laws. Regardless of where you will travel, you should always learn more info about your destination and be respectful to the locals. Do not become a victim of selfie and do not treat your destination as hometown.