Best Movies About Traveling

A cozy sofa, excellent film, and thoughts about the vacation that make your heart beating faster isn't it perfect? Adventure movies being very diverse in plots and casts, have one thing in common – they all call the strong wish to book the tickets and pack your bags and rush to the airport as soon as you see the new places in films. These films can be also relaxing for those who are tired from daily routine and wants to plunge themselves into the new world, to take a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, these films can also be helpful for those who have itchy feet for traveling and just don't skip a minute to find out something interesting about new places. What person are you? I hope you'll surely find a film on that list that will be to your liking.

The Motorcycle Diaries, 2004

The director of the film decided to shoot a really outstanding picture by its plot and cast. We see the main hero- Che Guevara not a revolutionizer but an ordinary boy dreaming to travel. Being traveling around South America the main hero changes his attitude to life, he prefers lives of thousands of people to his life. That fact helped him to become a national hero so if you want to be a great man- travel.

The Darjeeling Limited, 2007

That American adventurous tragicomedy by Wes Anderson tells us a story about three brothers who are traveling in India. Francis, Peter, and Jack meet each other on a train, that trip was specially planned by their elder brother who wanted to visit their mother that was running a monastery. However, the brothers didn't know about that plan so they were just enjoying their trip quarreling and getting into comic situations.

Into The Wild, 2007

Incredible landscapes, wild nature, and absolute detachment. The film which drives you mad, you just want to get away from unnecessary problems and dummy rules of society, get your rucksack packed and go on a trip.

Seven Years in Tibet, 1997

The film is based on the autobiographical book of the same name written by Heinrich Harrer, which describes the story of an Australian mountain climber in Tibet during the Second World War. The film preserves only the main events that are written in the book and the rest is invented. Tibet and Himalayas which are high above are the symbols of wisdom. Tibet changes the lives as the mountain climber Heinrich Harrer came home being another person. The same will happen to you if you want to visit that place.

Eat Pray Love, 2010

The film is being shot by the memoir of an American author Elizabeth Gilbert. That film is being recognized as the most popular among adventure films so we couldn't but add it to that list. This picture provides us with a simple receipt from depression- just choose any country beginning on “I”, go on a trip and explore yourself.

In Bruges, 2008

This not an ordinary story but a gripping psychological drama. And the main character of that story is..the city. The toy-like Belgian city Bruges was shocked by a range of muggings and killings. The hired killers just wanted to hide but instead of it, they striped that city out. So one cannot hide in such a place. They say that after that film the city has become very popular among tourists.

EuroTrip, 2004

It's not necessary to nostalgia and think about your life while traveling, you can just have fun as the teenagers from EuroTrip comedy do. These guys are literally reckless so they just have fun and plunge themselves into ridiculous situations all the time during their trip to Europe. So you are surely provided with laughter to tears while watching the film. But please do not perform the same way when you are in Europe.