5 most interesting places to Visit

If you are tired of your daily routine and want to experience what the world has to offer then you cannot ask for anything better than a trip to some amazing place! Our world is full of amazing places and adventures and I think it's about time we should pack our bags and explore the world and enjoy the perks of traveling. Our planet has millions of breath-taking places but today we will be counting down our picks for the 5 most interesting places around the world.

Top 7 most expensive restaurants in the world

Nowadays it has become fashionable to eat somewhere outdoors especially in restaurants. Many of the places which we are talking about below are famous for their interesting destinations, luxurious dishes, and their unique atmosphere. These places can offer you more than just having a meal- they will give you a unique experience of visiting such an incredible place.

Find your reasons to travel the world

Some people do not hesitate to go on an adventure and have no second thoughts about leaving their house. And for some of us it is rather hard to break free from the comfort zone and explore the world, so we find endless excuses for themselves. Lack of money, the necessity to plan a trip and pack their things, the possible danger and the unknown, unfamiliar language, people and surroundings sound like solid excuses to stay at home. However, if you think about traveling from a different angle, there are still many more reasons to go for it than not.

8 Best Travel Apps that you Must Use

Nowadays, Smartphones play a vital role in our day to day activities and on special occasions like traveling the world, They can make your life easier. Gone are the days when planning your trip was a headache, now you can simply use your Smartphone to do it for you. For example, If you are looking to book a hotel for you and your family, You can find many apps that will help you choose the best hotel for a reasonable price. it's 2019 and Traveling around the world has never been easier and Today We will be counting down the best travel apps to make your trips more enjoyable and probably less

Going to Rio: Top 5 best places to visit.

Rio de Janeiro is know as one of the most beautiful, sunny and colourful cities in the world. Each year it attract millions of tourists and a great portion of us keeps coming back to spend some more days in this paradise-like place and enjoy the world's best beaches, gardens, bars and views.

Things you should eat in Japan

Nowadays, Japan is considered as the paradise for the food lovers who offer overwhelming choices that one can try. If you wish to travel Japan, you may find such a huge variety that is beyond trying only sushi or ramen. You may find Japan cuisine to be very unique, starting from popular street food and finishing with any expensive restaurant. You will have to spend months to actually be able to taste all the unique variety of Japan dishes and there is a huge probability that you will not taste all of it as each region of this county has their own disinctive style and tons of recipees

Why you should go on a cruise?

A Cruise is like an all-inclusive vacation where you can visit several countries of Europe, America, Asia at once. Which route should you choose if you are planning to go for the first time, how much the trip costs, are you going to have seasickness — you will find all the answers in our article.

Oktoberfest-Important and historical festival

This festival was performed by the Germans that last for a few weeks. OKTOBERFEST is known to be a famous word that donates a specific party. This festival was first held in the year 1810 and after that it is held annually. The people living in Germany usually enjoy this festival and many people usually visit Germany just to enjoy this Oktoberfest. One should have knowledge about the key decorations that may help to get benefit from this festival. There are more streamers that can add colors to the event instead of buying a bunch of blue and white streamers.

Safety measures before going for adventurous trip

We all know that when summer arrives people wish to do adventurous things and prepare to travel or plan their vacations accordingly. If planning to travel abroad, there are so many things one should consider before starting the proper planning. You should be sure that you are not wasting your money and getting the right thing in the amount being paid. People usually avoid buying their travel insurance to save their money because they think that they will be fine and nothing will happen to them at all, it is not worth enough to purchase. But on the other hand, travel insurance helps you in man

Best Movies About Traveling

A cozy sofa, excellent film, and thoughts about the vacation that make your heart beating faster isn't it perfect? Adventure movies being very diverse in plots and casts, have one thing in common – they all call the strong wish to book the tickets and pack your bags and rush to the airport as soon as you see the new places in films. These films can be also relaxing for those who are tired from daily routine and wants to plunge themselves into the new world, to take a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, these films can also be helpful for those who have itchy feet for traveling and just don

Cities are suffocating from tourists! What can we do in order to avoid being a problem?

All the most famous tourist's destinations suffer from over-tourism: Red Light district, Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, geisha district Gion, the canals of Venice. Even the Louvre, for example, was closed for a few days because the staff was not able to handle with the crowd. And Maya Bay in Thailand is now completely closed for tourists. Sometimes visitors act like vandals, littering, drinking, touching and even taking away things that were forbidden to touch. They can be really disrespectful to the locals and even cause some environmental problems. However, we cannot discourage people fro

First-time trip to norway - which cities to visit

Norway is a country of mystical legends. An extensive coastline, old cities, frozen tundra, spectacular waterfalls, fjords which are considered to be one of the most beautiful natural formations in the world… All this makes Norway really popular among tourists who want to feel the majestic atmosphere of this place on their own. You can visit Norway paying no attention to the season of the year as its breathtaking views fascinate both under the summer sun or the aurora shimmering with all the lights. You can start your trip from the cities like Oslo or Bergen but you can also start your great

Hitchhiking is a modern way of traveling

Comfy holidays are not the only way to spend your long-awaited vacation. We carefully select hotels and book the tickets, we know what we will be eating and where we will be sleeping, but for some people, such a way seems to be boring and appear to be a silly loss of money. That is why hitchhiking becomes more and more popular as it undoubtedly has many advantages compared to traditional ways of traveling and rest. It is a great opportunity to see the beauty of the world if your budget doesn't quite stretch for booking luxurious resorts. What are the dangers of hitchhiking and what should we

Is It Safe to Visit Peru

Peru is a country in Western South America. Its territory was home for many ancient tribes, so Peru has a very long history, tracing its heritage back to the 4 millennium BCE. That country is not like the others, here you may find frog juice and meet llamas and alpacas walking down the streets and the capital of Peru is being guarded by policemen with shields.

Tips on Travel Safety

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, your first priority should be the safety of you and your family. As they say 'The night is dark and full of terror' can also be applied in this situation, you can never know what you are getting yourself into so you should always take some precautions to help you plan a safe trip. Today we'll be sharing some tips that can really help you plan a safe trip.

The best Spain resorts

Spain is a great place where you can spend a breathtaking holiday and feel the real fiesta! Spain is homeland for many great people, mostly, artist and poets. Local people are usually very friendly and hospitable. Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe and it has a very hot climate. There are many beautiful destinations where you can find your own adventure full of feelings and events. Flamenco and bullfighting were invented in Spain, so you can imagine their hot temper. Spain has many areas which can be totally different from each other, even with languages (as there are four offic

The most beautiful places of Norway

Norway is an extravaganza of spectacular views. Despite the fact that daylight here may be limited during cold winter months, Norwegian energetic vibrancy is what makes thousands of tourist choose namely this country as their destination year in year out. It is the best place to feel like a hero. Tromsø is well-known among those who want to see whales, Svalbard is the habitat of walruses and polar bears. All kinds of extreme winter sports can be experienced here from skiing and hiking to cycling. Explore this fascinating country!


It is difficult to surprise anyone with photos on the background of the Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian pyramids in the modern world. But there are excursions that can and should be visited only with specially trained people or agencies, as it involves a considerable risk to your health and even life. Which countries should you visit to get extreme sensations and tickle your nerves? Today we will tell you about amazing tours, about which you could tell your friends!


In autumn, we occasionally dream about white sand, palm trees and turquoise water. Nothing distracts us from our daily routine and improves our mood like plans for an upcoming vacation. There are thousands of beautiful beaches in the world, and it is almost impossible to choose the best, because each person has his own preferences. Some people like quiet, secluded beaches, some luxurious with white sand and a blue lagoon, and some wild with cliffs and rocks. Which one would you choose?


The thrill of traveling cannot be replaced with any other experience. This actually means that you are going to see and meet different people, feel their culture, and also get a chance to experience different places that you never went to. It is just like breaking the monotony and get into the life that is full of thrilling and adventurous. This experience is considered as a soul nourishing one and get into deep and beautiful valleys, mountains and high terrains. The reasons are different for traveling; there are few people who want to get a break from their daily routine, few wish to expe

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The World 2019

There are those travelers for whom comfort is above all. We have prepared TOP 10 of the most expensive hotels in the world. These hotels impress with their unique style and luxury!The overnight in such hotels decently hits even the thickest wallet. Find out how many celebrities and billionaires spend on a luxury vacation.


A pleasure trip to any of the wine countries can be an adventurous tour for anyone who wishes to travel. But they may find the price for such tour to be rather high. However, you can find effective ways that helps to cut the budget and also get exciting tour with keeping money saved. There are few ways one can enjoy his wine trip with saving money too:

7 Best Charities for Traveling and Volunteering

Wouldn't that be awesome to travel the world and also do some volunteer work and make your contribution to helping poor or raising funds for charity? There are literally thousands of charities around the world that provide volunteer opportunities for passing travelers. While on a trip to some beach laying around and enjoying the beautiful sunset, You can also do a lot of good on your trip by doing some volunteer work. Today we will take a look at some Volunteer work opportunities that you can contribute to.

Vacations on a budget — money, time and comfort

Many of us face with the question: how to travel on a limited budget? What do I do if I want to go somewhere but have little money? What really prevents me from traveling? Are cheap travels exciting at all? The lack of money is wider than it seems at a first glance. However, there are plenty of opportunities to have a splendid holiday. Consider three key components of a trip: money, time and comfort. By wisely adding or removing one of these three you can earn plenty of experiences and memories. Having enough money means having comfortable vacation. However, If you are one of those who are

Why visit Greece?

There are many reasons to visit that fantastic place. Everyone will find there the pastime options which will suit their interests. The fans of noisy and funny parties may visit Crete or Rodes Islands. Those who advocate a more relaxed or secluded vacation may choose smaller islet. Luckily, the transport links are good among all these islands.


If you are a traveler, you must have flown in a variety of airlines that operate from around the world. While you fly, you will also notice that the service offered to you differs from one airline to another. Along with that, you will come across the need to figure out what the top airlines out there in the world as well. We did a quick research to figure out what the top 5 airlines out there in the world are. Here are our findings. If you have travelled with one of these airlines, you would immediately realize why they could come into this list of top 5 airlines.


Are you looking forward to enjoy your upcoming vacation by visiting one of the most beautiful waterfalls out there in the world? Then you should take a look at the list of 5 of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. You should also think about adding these waterfalls into your bucket list because the effort you take to reach them is totally worth when compared to the experience you get. In fact, these waterfalls will not just take your breath away, but you will also be provided with the chance to enjoy every moment of your time. Here’s the list of 5 of the most beautiful wa